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About Richard Lambert


What’s my background ?

I was previously a full-time HR consultant with an impressive client list and have since created Happy Staff Happy Company to help small and medium size enterprises (SMEs) benefit from a better understanding of what makes and keeps their staff happy.

I have worked in the employee research and HR consulting markets for the past 12 years, devising bespoke methodologies for organisations to achieve three things

  • measure levels of employee engagement
  • set up action plans to address the key factors which influence engagement
  • ultimately improve business performance.

I have worked with organisations of all shapes and sizes (up to 25,000 staff) both in the UK and worldwide. My customers have come from a wide variety of industries – Professional Services, IT, Finance/Insurance, Legal, Leisure, Hotels, Education, Healthcare, Technology, Manufacturing, Media…

So why change from a full-time, successful consulting business ?

Over the past 12 years running my own consultancy business, I’ve learnt a lot about how to find out what really makes staff happy. One of the things that I really want to do is to provide smaller companies with the opportunity to benefit from this knowledge.

Just because you work in a smaller company, doesn’t mean that the company shouldn’t be doing everything in its power to make your day-to-day job as uplifting and ‘happy’ as it possibly can.

Smaller organisations are unlikely to have the financial means to be in a position to buy high-end consulting advice. But I strongly believe that these businesses should still be able to benefit from using established techniques to improve levels of morale amongst their staff (and prosper accordingly).

Rather than haphazardly cobbling together your own projects to measure staff morale, I thought that I would create a series of shortcut guides and information products designed to give you the same consulting advice for a small fraction of the price.

I’ll be honest with you. I have a selfish reason for doing this too. I’ve got 5 children and I want to spend some more time with them whilst they are growing up. I don’t want to completely miss out on their childhood. By changing the way I work, I’ll be able to have more ‘free time’ with my children and my wife.

Am I still doing any bespoke consulting ?

Just so you know, I’m not completely stopping my consultancy work.

Morale Solutions Ltd is the bespoke consultancy part of what I do. However I am planning to cut this type of work part right back. But, I will still continue to work with a limited number of customers each year.

If you think your needs are better suited by a bespoke, tailored solution then please visit or email