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Have you spent lots of time agonising over which questions you should include in your staff survey ? Picking over whether one particular phrase is better than another ?

Whether you’re planning your first ever staff survey or your 31st, you’d welcome some help in deciding what types of questions you should include, right ?

I’ve been doing exactly this kind of work for 12 years, helping companies of all shapes and sizes on what they should be covering in their questionnaire. For the first time, I’m revealing the 11 best questions that you should be including.


With my free guide to “11 Best Staff Survey Questions”, you’ll learn;  


  • Why these are the 11 best questions (clue: it’s about their link to employee engagement)  
  • The rationale and reasoning behind each of the questions (and why they are worded in this way)  
  • How to use these questions within your survey  
  • A benchmark score for each of the 11 questions, so you can compare your results to our averages
  • The number one mistake that most companies make when doing their staff survey


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