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6½ Quick-Win Ways To
Raise Staff Morale In A Recession

Times are tough and your staff may feel like the light at the end of the tunnel is actually an oncoming train… Keeping levels of staff morale high is absolutely vital if your business is going to benefit from increased levels of employee engagement, discretionary effort and improved productivity.

With my free guide to “6½ Ways to Raise Staff Morale in a Recession”, you’ll learn;  

  • A set of proven methods of keeping morale up during a recession without spending anything on expensive teambuilding or consulting  
  • What has worked for other organisations and how you can apply their tactics in your company  
  • The number one method to create employee trust and destroy the rumour-mill  
  • The best ways to link performance to (very low cost) reward and maintain a high perceived value
  • How to give managers a set of tools which they can use over and over again in order to give staff a lift  
  • A range of techniques to get staff themselves actively involved in raising the morale of their colleagues  
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